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Saturday, 4 May 2013


Cloud computing is the use of hardware and software resources which deliver services over a network.  It is “scalable and elastic” Internet-based services delivered to multiple external customers. Now, data and applications are no longer available only on desktop. IT entrusts services remotely with users’ data, software and computation. Cloud computing providers offer services in term of infrastructure and platforms that allow access to application software and databases to its users.
The cloud computing for the past years has become a way for the businesses to improve their processes effectively and ultimately the outcomes of their efforts. Many organizations opt for cloud computing as an alternative for their business activities and functions such as marketing, customers service and sales, human resource and finance. These activities can embrace the practice of renting access to the applications and technology that they need, when they need them.
Among the key advantages of how cloud computing can benefit any businesses are cost, utilization of resources and business agility.
COST: Business can escape for expensive upfront costs of purchasing and installing software application and hardware software. Small businesses with tight budget can truly benefit on these simply by renting software applications and storage space as what only required.
UTILIZATION OF RESOURCES: Cloud computing enables any businesses to reduce issues and defects on operations issues. With the use of the services can result of more time spending on what really matter in increasing business continuity. This also allow employees to spend time more on useful activities that offer greater value to business.
BUSINESS AGILITY: Cloud computing allow easier group collaboration. Business operations are more flexible and they can focus more on design and development by outsource routine IT operation such as data storage and backup. Some processes can be shortened significantly due to sharing resources and able to deliver result faster, cheaper and with more quality can give a business a competitive edge.

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